“You will now listen to my voice. My voice will help you, and guide you still deeper…
I shall now count from 1 to 10
On the count of ten you will be in Taganana
I say 1 – and as you focus your attention entirely on my voice
you will slowly begin to relax
2 – your hands and your fingers are getting warmer and heavier
3 – the warmth is spreading through your arms, your shoulders and your
4 – your feet and your legs get heavier
5 – the warmth is spreading through the wholest of your body
On 6 I want you to go deeper
I say 6 and the whole of your relaxed body is slowly beginning to sink
7 – you go deeper and deeper and deeper
8 – on every breath you take you go deeper
9 – you are floating
On the mental count of 10 you will be in Europa
Be there at 10. I say 10”.

– Lars von Trier, “Zentropa”