How to become Master of (All) Arts

Ed Leedskalnin used harmonics combined with geomagnetic energy and celestial alignments to generate anti-gravity waves and do his work.

Even though is usually mentioned that Ed possessed only a fourth-grade education and spontaneously healed himself from tuberculosis, it is forgotten that his birthplace, Latvia, is the land of the Daina, thoughts in poetic and musical form, from which he could have derived so much:

[Latvian Daina / English Translation]

Visu gadu dziesmas krāju,
Jāņu dienu gaidīdama.
Nu atnāca Jāņu diena,
Nu dziesmiņas jāizdzieda.

All year round I gathered songs,
Waiting for Midsummer Night,
Midsummer Night is here at last,
It’s time to sing all the songs.

Tai mazai setinai
Treji varti atverami
Pa vieniem Saule lec
Pa otriem menestinis
Pa tresiem Tautas dzin
Savus berus piegula

The small field
Has three gates openable
In one the Sun rises
In the other the Moon
In the third THOTH drives
His steeds to night-watch

Kas to teica, tas meloja,
Ka saulīte nakti guļ (…).

Whoever said it, lied,
That the Sun sleeps at night (…).

Saul are Dievu ienada
Pusdiena, pusnakti
Dievins meta Saulitei
Ar sudraba akmentinu

Sun and God were fighting
At noon, at midnite:
God threw at the Sun
A silver stone.


The Baltic word daina had unquestionably its Aryan (Indo-Iranian) equivalent, etymologically and semantically, which is perfectly permissible.… An Indo-European root *dhi-, *dhy-ei, *dhei-, meaning “to think, to ponder over, to give thought to,” appears to be the source of the Vedic dhēnā and the Avestian daēnā. An Indo-European form *dhainā as the sourceword can very easily and quite correctly be postulated.

Festival dainas, whether of the first or second cycle, introduce another ancient element inherent in the name dainas itself: that of dance. The verb dainot really means “to sing and move rhythmically in a group,” that is, “to dance” in the broadest sense of the word.


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