Ancient slaves had more leisure time than modern free men

«It is known that the average workday in Ancient Rome was approximately seven hours in summer and six or less during the winter months. So, it is reckoned that many laborers who began work at or before sunrise finished well before sundown. It was not unusual for slaves and servants who began work well before sunrise to be finished before midday.

After work, Romans retired to the baths, either to their own private bath in the case of the wealthy, or the public baths frequented by average citizens.

Beginning the day at an early hour, and working for what is considered a relatively short period of time by modern standards, afforded the Roman male considerable time for leisure and entertainment.

In addition to working short days, the Romans enjoyed numerous holidays. Though hard to imagine by today’s standards some figures put the proportion of holidays to work days as equal. Meaning that for each day of work the Romans were afforded a holiday».

– James Dylan


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