Authority has to disappear from the world

«Don’t be afraid of authorities — there is no authority. (…)

You will not be an authority to somebody else. Nobody can be an authority to anybody else. This whole idea of authority has to disappear from the world. Yes, people can share their experience, but that is not authority. I don’t want to force anything on you — not a single word, not a single concept. My whole effort is somehow to make you alert and beware of all authorities. And the moment you see there is some authority hanging around your being, throw it out. (…)

There are people who are in a hurry to impose some idea of their own on you, because once that idea is imposed, you are psychologically enslaved. (…)

I am interested in you throwing any kind of garbage that you are carrying. And I call it garbage because it has been given by others to you; it is not yours. Remember it: only what you experience is yours.»

– Osho


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