Body and mind become luxuries

«A necessity is something without which man cannot live.
Today we have succeeded in making every luxury a necessity.
The right thinking is to identify how many necessities can be converted into luxuries.
A luxury is something for which we should have the freedom to be with or without.
If we know our true nature, the “I” – then, living itself becomes a luxury, because we gain freedom to live with or without the body and the mind.»

«Meditation has become a business with gimmicks, a job… telling people hold your nose, close your eyes, listen to music, dance or stand on one foot. Temporary suspension for 15-30 minutes is touted as meditation. If suspending your mind for half an hour is so good, what about the deep sleep that god has given? Forget god if you don’t like god… In deep sleep any average person is suspended continuously for 7-8 hours. If seven hours of natural suspension doesn’t enlighten you, how will 30 minutes of suspension do that?»

«Hinduism is not a religion. It is all-inclusive; you can be a believer and a Hindu or a non-believer and a Hindu.»

– Swami Suddhananda


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