Vogler’s Magnetic Health Theatre

Ansiktet [“The face”], Ingmar Bergman, 1958.

«Johan Spegel: One walks step by step into the darkness. The motion itself is the only truth.»

«Granny Vogler: I see what I see, and I know what I know. But nobody believes me.»

* A “Vogler” was a bird hunter (in German, means “bird”) using traps and nets. He catched the birds to sell or train them (like a falconer).

Vergerus, Starbeck, Egerman ou o triunvirato do juízo: o Clero-Ciência (professor/professar), a Nobreza-Polícia Política e a Burguesia-Capital.


[«…combater, sempre e em toda a parte, os seus três assassinos – a Ignorância, o Fanatismo e a Tirania.» – Fernando Pessoa, carta de 30 de Março de 1935.]


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