The sign of Spinoza’s system

«Adeoque, tam eius essentiae, quam existentiae, Deus ex necessitate suae naturae est causa efficiens (per prop. 25. et 16.); quod erat primum.»

– Spinoza, Ethica, Pars Prima, Prop. XXVI.

Spinoza’s ring signet (in a letter to Leibniz):
“CAUTE” + rose with thorns (“Spinoza” means “with thorns”), two opposite leafs and four extremities + a double B (2 in 1, conjunction), “pli à l’ infini” as in Baroque + a serpentine reversed S, which is also a 2 (separed, division) + D, “Deus sive Natura”.

καυτός (kautos) = very hot;
καῦσος (kausos) = burning heat, fever, to burn with great heat.

Cauterio” – ancient Arabic medical instrument consisting of an incandescent iron used for burning tissues or sealing blood bessels to stop bleeding.

Illustration of treatment for “Mâl-I-Hulyâ” or cauterization for certain neurotic disorders – from “Cerrahiyetü’l Haniyye” (Imperial Surgery), by Serafeddin Sabuncuoglu (1385–1470), composed in Turkish, in 1465. It was the first illustrated surgical atlas and the last major medical encyclopedia from the Islamic world. Source.

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