Talk as if words were sounds and matter

«Il faut confronter les idées vagues avec des images claires.»

«That’s where I understood the three basic inequalities of capitalism (…): no difference in intellectual and manual work, between town and country, (…) between farming and industry.

«Talk as if words were sounds and matter.

«Art doesn’t reproduce the visible. It makes visible. But the aesthetic effect is imaginary.
Yes, but the imaginary doesn’t reflect reality. It’s the reality of the reflection.

«For everything we see, we must consider three things: the position of the seeing eye, of the object seen and of the source of light. Perhaps reality hasn’t yet appeared to anyone. As for us… we demand the unity of politics and art. The unity of content and form, the unity of a revolutionary content. And… an artistic form as perfect as possible. Works lacking artistic value, no matter how politically advanced, are ineffective.

«I’m breaking with an attitude wide spread in the university, which is to consider the others, the ones we address, as mere receivers.

«- Now it seems to me that doing manual labour beforehand… helped me pass the exams.
– That helped you understand what I said, talking about philosophy?
– A little. In June… I think there’s a link. In June, I didn’t do anything physical and failed.
I think there’s a possible link.

«It’s not silence that scares me, but sound and fury.

– Script do filme “La Chinoise” de Godard.


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