Where are my shoes?

«I look into the distance, to the end of the world. Before the day is over, the end will come. First, time will tumble, and then the earth. The clouds will begin to race… the earth boils over, this is the sign. This is the beginning of the end. The world’s edge begins to crumble… everything starts to collapse… tumbles, falls, crumbles and collapses. I look into the cataract. I feel an undertow, it draws me, it sucks me down. I begin to fall… a vertigo seizes upon me. Now I look at one spot in the tumbling waters. I seek one spot on which my eyes can rest. I become light, lighter, lighter. Everything becomes light, I fly upwards. Out of the falling and the flying, a new land arises. Like the submerged Atlantis, the earth rises out of the waters. I see a new earth. (…)

– Rup says he’s seen a Giant. The time of the Giants is coming back. The Giant breaks the trees and slays our cattle… and tears out our guts if he sees us. He is sucking out our brains.

– Tell Rup there are no Giants. Next time he should note the position of the sun. The sun was low and the Giant was just a shadow of a dwarf. (…)

– The factory is on fire! The factory is on fire! If it is burning, I would like to be there, where are my shoes? Where are my shoes? For twelve years there has been no fire. And my shoes are gone. (…)

– From the Orient, a huge bird appears and shits into the sea. The sea rises as high as a house, and boils. The earth trembles and a big island half drowns. The big city with the iron tower is in flames… but the fire was started by its own men, and the city is leveled. (…)

– I do not see any more. It is so dark. I must see something again. I must go to the woods. I have to go to the woods. I want to see the woods again.

– Don’t you want to see any people? I like you. You have a heart of glass. (…)»

– Excerpts from the script of “Heart of Glass” (1976) by Werner Herzog.


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