GMO & Pesticides

GMO & Pesticides Cause Tumors & Higher Mortality Rate? (Documentary of Actual Study)

This 13-minute film focuses on the CRIIGEN study. It presents the conditions in which the study was carried out in a context where Monsanto did not allow any independent study to be made with its seeds. The research was conducted secretly, but everything was done according to good laboratory practices. Professor Gilles Eric Seralini and Doctor Joel Spiroux explain why this study is the first of its kind. It goes much further than all other studies in terms of the research period (two years instead of the three-month maximum limit). We are shown the method and the flagrant results in the graphs. The mortality rate is six times higher with transgenic food, as well as with Roundup alone. We see the many glaring tumors with which the rats are affected. It is asked that these studies be replicated for all GMOs that have already been licensed.


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