Energetic art

From “Baraka” (1992) by Ron Fricke:

Kechak or “Ramayana Monkey Chant”, a ritual from Bali.
A circle choir of 150 or more performers wearing checked cloth around their waists, percussively chanting “chak-a-chak-a-chak” and producing synchronized movements, is conducted by the various protagonists involved in the center, who depict the episode from the Ramayana where the monkey-like Vanara help Prince Rama to fight and recover his wife Sita abducted by the demon Ravana. The crescendo gradually increases till reach its climax: the victory at the combat. Kechak has roots in sanghyang, a trance-inducing exorcism dance.


Shah Cheragh (“King of Light”), iranian mosque decorated with intricate colored glass and mirrors.


Gagudju Aboriginal art at Ubirr Rock, Kakadu National Park, Australia.
The X-ray style depicts animals or human figures in which the internal organs and bone structures are visible. According to the Gagadju, natural forms only began to take shape during the Dreamtime. They were all created by spirit ancestors. After completing their creative tasks, the spirit ancestors turned themselves into different things – rocks, pools, paintings, arts, etc. – which still retain the power and creative energy within them. The Aborigines render homage to dreaming sites because they believe they can draw upon power and energy through singing, dancing and performing rituals. Aboriginal people describe the Rainbow Serpent as the ‘boss lady’, all powerful, ever present and usually resting in quiet waterways unless disturbed. Rainbow Serpents will eat anything except flying foxes, and they dislike loud noises. If irritated, they are capable of causing serious natural disasters such as floods or earthquakes.



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