Prefer the present to fine promises

«If you come to my house, oh, kind one,
bring me the lamp, and a window
through which I can watch the crowd
in the happy street.»

– Forough Farrokhzâd, “Hadiyeh” (Gift).


«In my night, so brief, alas
The wind is about to meet the leaves.
My night so brief is filled with devastating anguish
Hark! Do you hear the whisper of the shadows?
This happiness feels foreign to me.
I am accustomed to despair.
Hark! Do you hear the whisper of the shadows?
There, in the night, something is happening
The moon is red and anxious.
And, clinging to this roof
That could collapse at any moment,
The clouds, like a crowd of mourning women,
Await the birth of the rain.
One second, and then nothing.
Behind this window,
The night trembles
And the earth stops spinning.
Behind this window, a stranger
Worries about me and you.
You in your greenery,
Lay your hands – those burning memories –
On my loving hands.
And entrust your lips, replete with life’s warmth,
To the touch of my loving lips
The wind will carry us!
The wind will carry us!»

– Forough Farrokhzād.


«They say she is as beautiful as a houri from heaven.
The juice of the vine is better.
Prefer the present to those fine promises.
Even a drum sounds melodious from afar…
Prefer the present.»

– Omar Khayyâm


«- Doutor, qual a sua especialidade?

– Nenhuma. Assim, cuido do corpo inteiro. Se me especializasse, acabaria ficando muito limitado.

– Então, você deve ter muitos pacientes.

– Praticamente nenhum. Tenho que sair por aí, apreciando a beleza da natureza… fazendo consultas, uma circuncisão ou outra, aplicando injecções, furando orelhas e por aí fora. Se não sou útil aos outros, pelo menos, aproveito a vida, observo a natureza. Observar a natureza é melhor do que jogar gamão, ou não fazer nada.»

Kiarostami, “The Wind Will Carry Us” (1999)


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