‘Global warming’ as pseudo-science

«Without a comprehensive, systematic and interconnected understanding of the nonlinear system formed by the atmosphere, the oceans, the land mass and the biosphere, dogmas like those of a man-made, CO2-mediated global warming can only be pushed forward as part of a political and media-driven agenda. (…)

So, one must ask – what is it that these pseudo-scientists are hiding (…)?

They are hiding the real climatological change now under way: the increase in aerosol particulates, including the sulphur and nitrous oxides from coal burning (sources of so-called acid rain), and the aromatic or cyclical particulates of diesel, gas and oil burning, which engage a new atmospheric chemistry whose end products are low-level concentrations of ozone and the trapping of water vapor and carbon monoxide near the ground. (…)

Indeed, what open-minded scrutiny presents to us is that certain effects of atmospheric systems have intensified; but these systems cannot be judged from the human catastrophes they generate, since global urbanization and explosive demographic growth alone have contributed to the intensity of these catastrophes, as hurricane Katrina so poignantly demonstrated (unbridled urbanization of low level river, lake and sea shore areas obviously vulnerable to cyclonic systems and sea level changes). They must be examined by looking at the data (the rates of precipitation, wind speed, concentration of particulate types, etc), and by critical consideration of this data – which is neither homogenous nor certain in a variety of technical senses. (…)

We were obliged to make a concise statement on what is the real man-made climatological problem under way, to explain to the reader that the problem is neither one of global warming, nor merely one of increased production of carbon dioxide. The problem is far more complex, and the ideology of ‘global warming’ merely reduces it to an ineffectual, marketable caricature of the issue. (…)

…what man-made pollution fundamentally contributes is a carcinogenic chemistry of free-radicals, with the noxious radiations (electromagnetic and non-electromagnetic) attendant to it, and an altered atmospheric metabolism of water, oxygen and latent heat – not a mere or necessary increase in temperature. (…)

In fact, we ourselves have experienced a most poignant and consistent disinterest in our
innovative energy technologies on the part of such highfalutin’ organizations as WWF, Greenpeace, Save the Planet, and so on. (…)

But all this should come as no surprise – as these people are, for the most part, in the pay of bureaucratic, political and corporate interests which have seized the ecological and climatological catastrophe as the latest commodity they should sell and regulate; most are either leftist militants, technobureaucrats with government paychecks, or employees of polluting industries – ecologists in Exxon’s pay, and so on. British Petroleum, for instance, has now become a major subscriber to the fiction of global warming. And they’ve put the myth to some use in their August 2005 commercial campaign as a justification for their (mythical) switch towards ‘a hydrogen economy’, as if such an economy were viable and did not specifically rely on the employment of fossil fuel for the generation of hydrogen… (…)

Official Science is like the media – it’s all about catchy shades of the false, distortion of
facts, the infilling of data – about packaging. About the spectacle of the Big Warming, the
succession of fads and their impoverished cycles. They have found an outlet for their mediocre creativity, and they are being paid to ‘express themselves’. It is the circus of Big Science; it is Knowledge Warfare, the rule of the mediocracy. It is Kyoto as merchandise, basic science as the target to mow down, and any real technological solution to the global energy crisis as the casualty. And ‘they’ have ‘peer-review’ to prove that they are right, that they are… scientific.»

– Paulo N. Correa and Alexandra N. Correa, “‘Global Warming’: An Official Pseudoscience“.


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