Paying for domestication is for jerks

A known sharing platform threatens to block my account for copyright infringements. Fuck you!

Do you think I will take care of every piece of shit that turns into cultural property? Fuck you!

You know what, you fuckin’ narcissists, you will end your life time preaching to the piggies!

I don’t need any already-made work to be cultivated and enlightened, do you know that? Go fuck yourself!

The entire cosmos is the Book of books, the real book, the only book I would take into an island.

I don’t need the pretentious excretions of any particular author or ego. If you depended on me for copyright, you would starve!

I’m making you a favour if I give any attention to your pieces of shit, to your mind diarrheas.

All art is shit. All culture is shit. If I had to pay for it, I wouldn’t give a damn, nor a dime!

I’m not your client. I’m not your puppy. Paying for domestication is for jerks!


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