The celestial spheres in the breath of a human being

«Thus, there was nothing there except the breath of the Truth and, within it, the air. Then, both stormy and moderate winds blew – these are the strong letters [i.e., huruf sadida or occlusive consonants: alif, ba’, ta’, jim, dal, ta’, qaf, kaf] and the lax letters [al-huruf al-rihwa or fricative consonants: tha’, ha’, kha’, zay, sin, shin, sad, za, fa’, ha’]. From this breath, sounds of thunder appeared like the vocal letters [al-huruf al-maghura or voiced consonants: alif, hamza, ba’, jim, dal, dhal, ra’, zay, dad, ta’, za’, ‘ayn, ghayn, qaf, lam, mim, nun, waw, ya’], and a light breeze – these are the non-vocal letters [al-huruf al-mahmusa or voiceless consonants: ta’, tha’, ha’, kha’, sin, shin, sad, fa’, kaf, ha’]. Then the layers (al-tibaq) of the celestial spheres appeared, like the covered letters [al-huruf al-mutbaqa or covered consonants: sad, dad, ta’, za’…] in the breath of a human being who intends to speak. In the divine sciences, this is “if we will, then say: Be!”. So, the covered letters in the Divine breath are the existence of the heavens in seven layers (…)»

– Ibn Al-Arabi (1165-1240), Al-Futuhat, II, §198, source.


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