Alison and Dean Durrant’s two twin sets: their first twins, Hayleigh and Layren, were born in 2001 and hold down their second twins, Leah and Miya, arrived November 2008, in United Kingdom.

Kian and Remee Hodgson from United Kingdom born April 2005.

Jasmin and Alicia Singerl from Australia born May 2006.

Marcia and Millie Biggs from United Kingdom born in July 2006.

Kaydon and Layton Richardson from United Kingdom born July 2006. Their mother, Kerry, said: ‘I was in America recently with my best friend, who is white and blonde. Everyone assumed that Layton was her son and Kaydon was mine.’

Natalia and Orlando Balasco from United Kingdom born in 2008.

Ryan and Leo Gerth from Germany born July 2008.


Punnet squares

These schemes are a comprehensible oversimplification for easiness of explanation.

As you can see, mathematically and genetically, the balance between homozygous (50% MM+mm) and heterozygous (50% Mm) alleles is always maintaned, no matter what is the composition of both parental alleles (MM, mm or Mm). There are two exceptions (squares not pictured): crossing “pure” MM with “pure” mm , which produces 100% heterozygous Mm, but that lasts only one generation, because the heterozygous descendants will cross (pictured squares) and reintroduce the balance again; and crossing “pure” MM with “pure” MM, a closed system without variability that leads to vulnerabilities to several diseases (cf. haemophilia in European Royalty and infertility in Darwin-Wedgwood dynasty). Most, if not all, phenotypical characteristics are the result of a complex combination of many multiple different genes: more than 20 (AA-BB-CC-DD-EE-FF-GG-HH-II-JJ-KK-LL-MM-NN-OO-PP-QQ-RR-SS-TT or 20 Punnet squares, at least, perhaps even a Punnet square of 20 columns per 20 rows…) in the case of skin colour, for example.

In conclusion, the unscientific pranks that racial ideologues use to persuade folkloric minds is totally bullshit.


Mirabilis: the all-color plant


The Mirabilis Jalapa has an almost infinite amount of color variations: Red, Pink, Orange, Yellow, White, Violet, strayed, variegated…

The mixed colors come from cross-pollination from bees, butterflies, and other insects transferring the pollen from one flower to another.

Bullet ricochet: a talk with reality

“The Aryans” (2014), documentary by Mo Asumang, interview with Tom Metzger.

The journey of Mo Asumang (granddaughter of a former Nazi SS who raised her) started when she heard a song verse calling for her murder “This bullet is for you, Mo Asumang”, sang by the Neo-Nazi band “White Aryan Rebels”. Instead of hiding, Mo was driven by her desire to overcome her fears and sets out for the most exiting journey about Identity. On her search for Identity, Mo follows the advice of the Neonazis to “Go back where you came from!”, but in Ghana she is seen as a “white” person.

She believes that an effective way to combat racism is to literally make racist people meet with a type of person they have a problem with.

“These people don’t actually talk to Jews. They don’t talk to black people. They don’t know their enemy, so-called enemy,” Asumang says in a BBC News report. “So what they do, when they talk to me, they talk to reality, and that’s the first thing they have to survive.”

Forcing a racist to face a biracial person, Asumang said, “totally confuses them because I’m not like they want me to be.”