Materialists and liberals

Nowadays, there are two common accusations used immoderately: that of materialism and that of liberalism.

However, not sufficient materialism and liberalism exist.

If the dominant system were materialist, our care for matter, flows of matter such as energy, water, air, earth, space, resources, elements, would be much higher than it is. Zero garbage cities should be a reality long time ago: organic waste shouldn’t be wasted; plastic, glass, metal, paper, are all raw matter for transformation, not garbage. The existence of garbage is an indicator of a stupid and inefficient management of flows of matter. We don’t even care… People associate materialism with ego possessiveness, which is quite equivocal, since ego belogs to spirit, so, it’s spiritualism. Today, there is too much spiritualism, not materialism.

In respect to liberalism, the adjective “liberal” used to qualify someone who gave away things without asking return. Presently, liberals are those who only offer something with their mind already on the return. How does a word come to have two completely opposite meanings? Anyway, the first and more ancient meaning seems to me to be the authentic one, because it would be contradictory to be liberal and do not liberate his mind of debt pre-requisites. So, those who are commonly named as liberals, in fact, they are “prisionals” and their system, one of “prisionalism”.

We should put words in order.


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