Neither visualizers nor verbalizers can meditate

Meditation is in fashion among certain circles. Do they know what meditation really is?

One day, in a particular event, I was passing by when a so called “meditation guide” was conducting a meditation session. He was saying: “Visualize this… visualize that…”. That guy would better call himself a “illusionist” of words and images.

At least, I know what meditation is not: it is not visualization. Like the old saying tells you: if you see the image of Buddha, you should kill it.

You don’t enter in meditation keeping your own (or someone’s else) thought images. It simply aborts real meditation. Meditation is thought without image.

Aren’t those who speak louder of meditation the same ones who get farther away from it and mislead others?

If you go to somewhere to learn how to meditate, you’re asking for being misled… so, you deserve it.

You should also know that meditation doesn’t have anything to do with a conductor, mentor, mastermind, leader, guide, guru or whatever you might call it.

As long as a personality (you or others) remains in charge of a particular conscience, you still weren’t able to meditate. Of course, you might have done other things: visualize, relax, concentrate, dream, sleep…

Meditate is to merge with the medium. Be the medium – “be the water”, as Bruce Lee told about martial arts. Meditation can be considered an essential component of martial arts.

Meditate is to be “in medium”. Not to be in things or in minds or in people or in your self. But among all and nothing at all.

The third and last thing you should know about meditation is that you don’t force the operation. It is not an affair of comitting yourself to it: “oh, let’s meditate for a while, before the dinner”. It’s the opposite: meditation comes whenever is not expected and gets you, any place, any time. You just need to be there (but, simultaneously, the opposite is also true: you don’t need to be there).

I can’t be more explicit than this.


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