Love dialogue

A pretender asks his pretended one:

– You look like a virgin. I wonder if you are…

– Physically or mentally?

– What do you mean?…

– Mentally, I will always be a virgin, no matter how many men I physically sleep with.

– It seems you’re trying to conceal something…

– No, don’t get me wrong. There’s nothing to conceal… After all, I am blonde, and, as with all blondes, there’s a virginal air flow passing through my head.

– You’re obviously not being very flattering with blondes and with yourself.

Darling, if you did know a real blonde, you would notice that I am actually being very flattering with them and with myself. I bet you have never slept with one either… which makes you a virgin in the reverse way.

– Are you now flattering me?

– If you think so…

End of dialogue.


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