Over the ether waves

«You know, the strangest thing is when I go up in an airplane, what happens to me… I’m slightly deaf, you know, but up in the plane I hear perfectly, and I not only hear, hum… imaginary, symphonic music, hum, coming from God knows where… but I hear celestial music too, what’d you call “the music of the spheres”, I hear it, it’s as clear and beautiful. And I can’t describe it either, because it’s like no other music that I ever heard… And it comes to me, you know, like over the ether waves… And I ask sometimes, I ask pirates, I mean, ha, pilots, I ask “Do you hear that too?” and they said “Yes”. They do… and they’re absolutely mystified!”»

– Henry Miller, around 11:00.

“Henry Miller: Asleep and Awake” (aka. Bathroom Monologue) by Tom Schiller, 1975.


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