La Danza de la Realidad” (2013), Alejandro Jodorowsky:

«Money is like blood,
it gives life if it flows.
Money is like Christ,
it blesses you if you share it.
Money is like Buddha,
if you don’t work,
you don’t get it.
Money enlightens those who use it
to open the flower of the world,
and damns those who glorify it,
confounding riches with the soul.
There is no difference
between money and conscience.
There is no difference
between conscience and death.
There is no difference
between death and wealth.»

«- Look, I’ll show you how to meditate.
Say after me: Gate. Paragate. Parasamgate.
Bodhi Svaha.
Gate, in the intellect.
Gate, in the heart.
Gate, in the sex.
Paragate, even deeper.
Parasamgate, heart.
Bodhi Svaha, happiness!
Bodhi Svaha, happiness!
Bodhi Svaha, happiness,
happiness, happiness, happiness,
happiness, happiness!
Come with me.
Do you know how long
these cable cars have been here?
– I don’t know, Theosophist.
– Thousands and thousands
and thousands of years.
You don’t know where they come from
nor where they go,
but you can take one of their rocks
and keep it like a treasure. Come.
Those cars are like our bodies
which carry our souls.
The soul is a treasure,
the god within us.
I’m going to give you a present.
See these three medals?
They think they’re separate.
Melt them down in an oven,
and they will turn
into a single drop.
Here, have them.
Make a necklace with them
and wear it all the time
to remind you
that a single god unites
the three of them.»


«I don’t want to live in a world of dressed up dogs.
It makes me sick.»

«The only buildings on the land
are these right royal stables,
made just for Bucephalus, my king.
I’ll introduce you to my handsome.
But be right careful,
he don’t trust nobody.
You’ll be sleeping here,
right next to me.
For we’ll be up
at the crack of dawn every day
to see to Bucephalus’
health and comfort.
Talk to him now.
Your voice must go right in his ear
to reach his heart.
– Bucephalus.
– That voice is from your head!
C’mon, man! Try to understand.
It’s got to be from your chest.
Right from the heart. (…)
For my horse is sacred.
Ah, Bucephalus! (…)
Be careful with the yellow flowers!
These horses are wild about them.
But it’s a deadly poison.»

«Being in a cradle of cement,
swaddled in a gigantic shadow,
bound to my empty existence.
Trapped in this island of flesh,
searching for myself in memories,
and meeting no one.
The darkness is swallowing everything.
It’s going to devour us. (…)

«You belong to the darkness.
Darkness is your kingdom
and you are a monster of the night.
You are hungry. (…)
To feed your hunger
you need to devour a princess,
ever so white.
Ever so white!
The princess hides.
The monster has to catch her.»

«If you want to survive,
you must go unnoticed.
I’m going to remove
these barriers from your mind.
Out with Pinocchio!
Out with the Jew!
Out with the nose and white skin!
You are empty!
You are invisible! (…)
We are like air.
They do not see us, Alejandrito,
nor do they hear us.
We are air.»

«- Blessed be Don José!
– Who is Don José?
– He’s… He’s your father.
– Confess! Who is Don José?
– He’s your brother.
– Who is Don José?
– He’s your son.
– Keep going! Who is Don José?
– You are.
– I’m going to blow your brains out!
Who is Don José?
– You are, I am, we all are.
– Enough! Confess!
– I love you, Don José!»

«You can cure yourself.
Look at your god!
Look at the devil you admire! (…)
And here you are!
You are the same as they are!
You have lived in the guise of a tyrant. (…)
This man who feels and cries,
this man is you.»

«I soar away from the past,
Land in the present body,
Bear the painful burden of years,
Yet in the heart keep the child,
As the bread of life,
As a white canary,
As a worthy diamond,
As a lucidity without walls,
Wide open doors and windows,
Through which blows the wind,
Only the wind,
Just the wind.»


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