The music room

Jalsaghar, “The Music Room” (1958), by Satyajit Ray

« – What do we hear?
– A generator.
– A generator?
– Where?
– At Ganguli’s place. From the terrace, we see the light.
– At Mahim’s?
– He’s been said to have bought some English furniture.
– Do you want me to play again?
– Did you see the new house of Ganguli? What do you think of it?
– Quite modern. Not as prestigious as your palace. No music room, no fountain, no garden, no temple, nothing.»

« – That usurer’s son! He wanted to break the top. Such an arrogance! He tries to reach the stars… In vain, in vain. Do you know why he fails? Blood! Blood in my veins.»


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