‘Im Weibe das Weib’

«Des Mannes ist hier wenig: darum vermännlichen sich ihre Weiber. Denn nur wer Mannes genug ist, wird im* Weibe das* Weib – erlösen.»

[Do homem está aqui pouco: portanto, masculinizam-se as suas mulheres. Pois, só quem homem bastante for, poderá na mulher a mulher libertar.]

[Of man there is little here: therefore, their women masculinize themselves.
For only one who is man enough, will in woman the woman liberate.]

– Nietzsche, Also sprach Zarathustra, III, 49, 3, in KSW.


* Please note that “Weib” in German is neuter, not feminine, therefore, it is used with “das” and “im” (in dem), the dative case for “das”.


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