To Reality Winner

You don’t know me, neither do I know you, I mean, personally. What I do know is that Reality always wins. As a yoga practitioner, you also know that. Reality is the ultimate goal. All that is fake, sooner or later, falls, like a bad card, a cheating trump.

It is like life and death. People can kill wild weeds over and over. They can use toxics for a more persistent effect. They can even boost an entire Chernobyl site. But it won’t last. Weeds over time (say, centuries) will return and take the site again. Because they are more real, more alive, than the futile effort of disciplining or denaturing Nature.

Reality, you are young and the Force is with you (you had been in the Air Force, actually). And you are a clever woman who has learnt to decipher difficult foreign languages and also the language through which governments deceive populations.

I have read somewhere that, after being arrested, you tried to teach yoga to a woman who is a meth-addict. Ultimately, the whole country where you live is on a particular kind of hallucinogenic drug: manipulated news, unfair laws, fascist propaganda, persecution of brave and noble citizens (Aaron Swartz, Edward Snowden, and others).

As you noticed, we are oppressed by soulless orangutans, that excel in playing trumps or doing mimics for shows of “reality” (please note the inverted commas).

In fact, it is not only in US. It is happening all around the world. State policy is State police. The State is enemy of its own people. It doesn’t matter if it is the American State or the Islamic State or from somewhere else, their aim is always to produce statism and staticism, that is, preventing people from living according to the flow of Reality.

Your recently famous name is a sign that our desire for Reality is huge, that the virtue of Reality is ready for becoming actual.

And it will win, because it is closer to life than those livid exterminators (“white terrorists”) who control each one of our steps with barcode readers.

Be real!


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