Nobody knows what is really shining


Nema vise sunca
Nema vise meseca
Nema tebe, nema mene
Niceg vise, nema joj.
Pokriva nas ratna tama
Pokriva nas tama joj.
A ja se pitam moja draga
Sta ce biti sa nama?

Mesecina, mesecina,
joj, joj, joj, joj
Sunce sija ponoc bije,
joj, joj, joj, joj
Sa nebesa, zaproklija
Niko ne zna, niko ne zna
Niko ne zna, niko ne zna
*Niko ne zna sta to sija


There is no more sun,
There is no more moon,
There is no more you,
There is no more me.
There is nothing more… oh.
Darkness of war has covered us,
Darkness has covered us… oh.
And I wonder, my dear: What will happen with us?

Is it moonlight at noon? oh-oh,
Is it sunshine at midnight?… oh-oh,
From the skies above,
light is beaming…
Nobody knows, Nobody knows,
Nobody knows, Nobody knows,
Nobody knows what is really shining.]


Pasolini, La Rabbia/”The Anger” (1963):

«Due ideologie, due dottrine di opposte tendenze rispondono a un drammatico interrogativo: perché la nostra vita è dominata dalla scontentezza, dall’angoscia, dalla paura della guerra, dalla guerra?»

[1h36m:] Cerberus

Nymba Ntobhu

“Nymba Ntobhu” [“House of women”], Maweni Farm Documentaries, Mgongowazi project, Kiagata village, Musoma, Tanzania, 2004.


«As men, we must treat wives so well that our daughters don’t fear to get married [choosing “Nymba Ntobhu”, instead]. When you marry a woman, she is not a donkey to be beaten.»