Musique pour plantes








I. “Rhapsody In Green: De La Musique Et Des Secrets Pour Enchanter Vos Plantes“, Roger Roger (1978), LP, Tchou Records

A rare livre-disque album, half classical music and half electronic music, from 1978, composed by famous library musician Roger Roger (helped by Nino Nardini), illustrating an essay by Martin Monestier about the impact of music on plant growth. This fourty-pages essay (in french) states that rock n’ roll music kill all the plants, while classic music makes them grow. Other teachings: if you have sexual obsessions you should paint your walls in soft green and buy some “agnus castus” or some “pleomele reflexa”. If you want to fight homossexual desires you should paint your walls in black and buy “omorphophalles”. Doubtful?


II. “Recipes for living and loving”, Laura Huxley (1973), 33 1/3 rpm LP, Everest Records 



Side 1 – “Your favorite flower” (19:19)

Side 2 – “Rainbow walk” (19:10)

Laura Huxley is a musician and philosopher born in 1911. She was married to author Aldous Huxley from 1956 until his death, seven years later. This recording can best be pigeon-holed as “New Age meditation”. Laura Huxley talks you through soothing scenarios aimed at helping you find that “place”. Whether you find that “place” or not is secondary to the artistry of Laura’s voice, ideally suited to meditative pursuits.


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