Don’t trust any mediator, specially ‘medical’ ones

«She [Heidi Krieger, now Andreas Krieger] was a victim of the East German regime’s sinister manipulations, exercised through doctors who lied about the purpose of the tablets and threatened to ostracise any young patients reluctant to use them. (…) The steroid Oral-Turinabol had been administered to Heidi in huge doses, often in conjunction with birth-control medication. In 1986, the year of her European gold, she received 2,590 micrograms (…). It was manufactured by Jenapharm, a state-run company since swallowed up by German pharmaceutical giant Schering AG. When Andreas, three years out from the sex change that ended his days as Heidi, discovered the full extent to which he had been doped, he felt consumed by emotion. (…) Andreas was handed a derisory 10,500 euros in compensation. It was hardly adequate recompense for the poisoning of a body, and ultimately the destruction of an entire identity, as he made clear in a tense encounter with the presiding judge. (…) »



«Or do you want to see a freak show, where it is all a pure fake? (…) You lose yourself utterly. You don’t know where you are. (…) I had overstrained, to the point my body wasn’t giving me signals any more.»

«I don’t think that there is one particular person that I can blame, because, back then, the system was interlinked. (…) I think it is the system itself I would blame for what happened to me. It wasn’t just one person’s fault.»

Andreas Krieger, Olympic Gold medalist.


«”The coach would give us pills at the pool after training. We were told they were vitamins, and that we needed them because we trained so hard. We were to take them without asking questions, assured that it was for our own good. (…) It’s a worldwide issue. These operations are almost all organised centrally.”»

Ute Krause (his wife, also athlete).


Recently, a credulous woman was telling me: “My child needs help with school tasks, because he lacks concentration. He is being medicated.”

I couldn’t but think in the upper video and in how everything is adulterated by additives (and subsequent addiciton) in many different contexts.

When I was young, nearly every adult at home would say to me: “Never, never, accept anything from anyone” (specially concerning oral intakes). This would apply to everyone out of the close familial circle: neighbours, school mates, and so on…

Now, parents are the first to ask doctors: “Couldn’t you prescribe some pills for my kid?”. He has to work harder, to become greater than the others, to be the absolute slave of fame and ambition…

Drugs are the “norm”. That’s why people are so “confused” about everything. Their body-spirit (or “esprit des corps”) is utterly poisoned.


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